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Lanjing organic chemical Co.,Ltd of yancheng city, The east connect national highway, new long railwayseses with, the west face clusters of field river is from 10 kilometers of airports, Geographical environment is superior , the traffic is very convenient . It is the comprehensive chemical industry enterprise that specialities produced intermedia, such as organic chlorine solvent, agriculture chemical, medicine,etc.. Company produce trichloroethylene、dichloroacetyl chloride、trichloroacetyl chloride、chloroacetic acid、trichloroacetamide、trichloroacetonitrile,etc. many kinds of chemical productses mainly. The technical force of our company is rich, production history for many years, have advanced and perfect detection means, Good after-sale service, the products find a good sale both at home and abroad.

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Lanjing organic chemical Co.,Ltd of yancheng city

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