Dichloroacetyl chloride
   Trichloroacetyl Chloride
   Chloroacetic acid
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( 1) Dichloroacetyl chloride ( 2) Trichloroacetyl Chloride ( 3) Chloroacetic acid
(4)7-Ethyl-10-Hydroxy-Camptothecin ( 5) Trichloroethylene  

( 5) Trichloroethylene

Molecular formula: C 2 HCl 3
Molecular weight : 131.39
Structural formula:

Nature : It is the colourless or the little for yellow transparent liquid, Have fire, solvency strong, boiling point fine performance, difficult to dissolve, have irritating sweet tastes moderate, fine chemical stability
The use: It uses metal and degreasing agent that process hides as at industry resins, celluloses, the solvent, one one, the dry-cleaning - pharmaceuticals of plants of rubbers, It use in organic synthesis extensively trades solvent and the extraction pharmaceuticals of organic matters, Use for and formate chlorine ethylenes,, ether, chlorine acetyl chlorine, F134a, 『 No. -s more than eight chlorine a chlorine of acetic acids, tears and plasticizer plastifier,etc.s. It applies low temperature to spend hot carriers a single ones get together degree regulate pharmaceutical.
Carry out the standard: (HG/T2542-93)
Quality index:
      Proportion: 1.460-1.466
      Boil Chen: 84.5-91.0
      Evaporate the residue : < =0.01%
      The acidity( count with HCI): < =0.025%
      Moisture: < =0.02%
      Dissociate the chlorine: Do not have
      Acidity( counted with HCI)< after accelerating oxidizing and test =0.02%
The package: Kgs install zinc-plated barrels, suttle weight No. 250.
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